Get Ready to Climb the Ranks with Moso’s New Airdrop Center

Attention all Moso shoppers! We have electrifying news that’s sure to amp up your online shopping experience. Get ready to reach new heights with Moso’s latest feature — the Airdrop Center. This exciting addition promises even more rewards and brings you closer to the eagerly awaited Moso token.

How the Moso Airdrop Center Works

The Moso Airdrop Center is an internal leaderboard for all users to compete against each other in order to get the most Moso tokens. The loyalty points you collect are called bamboo points. These will be automatically granted for purchases made and can be manually claimed for other activities. Your Moso spending and Bamboo Points go hand in hand, allowing you to earn points equivalent to the amount you spend. Every participating user will receive something, but the higher you rank the more you’ll earn! The leaderboard features six tiers, with each tier offering an increased rewards multiplier. Your final boosted points each week will be added to your total points, and the leaderboard will reset!

Ways to Earn Bamboo Points:

  • Making purchases through Moso
  • Referring friends and family
  • Daily check-ins
  • Social interactions (coming soon)

Tier Structure:

  • Rank 1–10 = 10x boost on bamboo points
  • Rank 11–50 = 8.5x boost on bamboo points
  • Rank 51–100 = 5x boost on bamboo points
  • Rank 101–250 = 2.5x boost on bamboo points
  • Rank 251–500 = 1.3x boost on bamboo points
  • Rank 500+ = 1x boost on bamboo points

Your goal? Keep climbing the leaderboard each week to maximize your earnings! The higher your rank on the leaderboard, the more substantial your boosts, providing you an edge in the forthcoming Moso token airdrop.

Benefits of the Moso Airdrop

The Moso team is committed to rewarding its early adopters, which is why a portion of the total token supply is allocated to our active members! Based on your rank and the number of bamboo points collected, you will receive Moso tokens on TGE. We have also incorporated tasks that don’t require monetary expenditure, such as referring other users and daily check-ins, to ensure everyone can participate.

As we approach TGE, users will have the opportunity to claim a final NFT of their total points badge, which will unlock their allocation of Moso tokens.

More information will be revealed as we get closer to the Moso token launch!

Begin Your Journey Today!

Now is the perfect time to accumulate rewards, ascend the leaderboard, and secure your position at the summit! Moso’s new Airdrop Center feature offers an engaging, competitive way to earn rewards while shopping online.

Eager to try it out? Download the Moso extension and start earning bamboo points for the Airdrop Center today!

What is Moso?

Moso is a Web3 shopping assistant that allows you to earn crypto by shopping at your favorite online stores. From crypto newbies to crypto experts, we cater to all types of users. By using Moso, shoppers can access over 2000+ stores, including some of the biggest and best brands such as Walmart, eBay, StubHub, and more.

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