Everything you need to know about Moso

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What is Moso?

Moso is a crypto rewards site and browser extension that lets users earn the crypto of their choice when they shop from our partnered merchants. The reward (%) of crypto is determined by our merchant partners. Instead of keeping all the money for ourselves, we share that money with you, sending crypto to your wallet!

How do I earn with Moso?

Download the Moso browser extension. Visit one of our partner stores through our website or browser extension. The Moso Shopping Assistant will alert you to activate your savings when you get to the online store. Once your shopping assistant has been activated, feel free to shop as you normally would. As long as your order is eligible, Moso will track your purchase and send bitcoin to your Moso wallet when the merchant pays us.

What stores can I earn crypto from?

Moso is partnered with thousands of top merchants across travel, beauty, fashion, consumer electronics, and more!

Why is crypto back better than cash back?

Moso beats traditional cash back programs by ~50%! This means you’re saving even more money with crypto back than cash back. The crypto back market is growing everyday and gives you the opportunity to grow your money exponentially. Moso is the future of this market.

I’ve never used crypto before. What can I do with it?

Moso has taken the first steps for you to enter the crypto world. We did the research and chose the best crypto currencies for you to be rewarded in. The only thing you have to do is choose what you’d like to do with it! The options with crypto are endless: watch your crypto grow and explore the decentralized web.

What is the Moso membership rewards program?

Learn all about out moso membership program here (Blog Link).

Do I have control over my wallet and assets?

On day one when you set up an account we also create you a wallet that you own 100%. When rewards get distributed you have full access to do with the crypto that was deposited as you see fit.

Why are my rewards fluctuating?

When you make a purchase from a participating merchant, Moso adds the estimated reward to your Moso rewards panel. The crypto value of this estimate will fluctuate with the market until Moso receives confirmation of purchase from the merchant. Once the confirmation period has passed (typically about 60-90 days), your reward will move to your Moso wallet available balance.

What is a seed phrase?

A seed phrase is a 12 word phrase and is the next generation of security. It’s a security mechanism to guarantee nobody else can access or hack your assets. Keep this hidden and a secret :)

Why can't I download Moso?

Moso is currently only supported on Chrome on PC. No mobile downloads are possible at this time.